Thursday, 28 June 2012

Homework for 28/6/2012

So.... this is my first post! I just hope that I don't miss out on any homework.... you do know my memory is not good right >.>

Also, just saying, that I am not responsible for any "no homework done". Sometimes I need clarification too. Especially in this post.

So here it goes!

  • You guys were trolling Mr Yeo so much that we didn't have any lesson at all >.>

  • It seems like we have to the part about today's experiment in the worksheet "Acid, Base Salt". I am not quite clear about this, can someone comment about this?
  • Matthea Koh added that we just have to post the findings on the science blog.  DEADLINE: Tomorrow 11:59:59.999999999999999.... PM O_O (OK I give up, basically just tomorrow, 11:59 PM. [And who thought that they will be checking homework at this time of the day???] )

  • For those who forgot to finish the Blood Money comprehension, please finish it and give it to Ms Alex by tomorrow. And also, she dosen't accept homework in pigeon holes. DEADLINE: Tomorrow or get a call. o.0
  • In your groups, choose the person who the 'virus worksheet' has the best annotations, and scan it into the computer. DEADLINE: Next lesson
  • Matthea Koh added that we have to form our groups and choose our group names. DEADLINE: Next lesson

  • Plan on the competition. DEADLINE: Next lesson which is next week same day.

  • Try out the Quizlet. By the way I am not going for any 'scatter champion' anymore. DEADLINE: N/A
  • Wong Kang Zhi added that we have to do the google form about zbcomma. Link is here. It is the second post as of 28 June 2012, 6:20 PM. Also, finish up textbook page 110 to 111. DEADLINE: Unknown
  • Chua Tuan Jin added that we have to hand up the forms if we haven't did so. DEADLINE: Tomorrow

  • Go through the Lesson One folder. I have no idea if we have to do the e-journal, please clarify this. 
  • Matthea Koh added that we have to try out the first few pages of the e-journal if possible. DEADLINE: N/A


  1. You missed out the HCL the zbcomma google form thing

  2. Ms Alex also said to form groups properly for English Performance Task, if there is no change then decide on your group names.
    And for Science, all experiments done this week is to be posted on the Science Blog by Tomorrow, latest 2359.
    History, go through the downloaded documents and try the first few pages go the e-journal.

  3. Thank you for your replies. I will edit them in.

  4. The bringing of HCL forms if still haven't hand up

  5. If anyone doesn't know whats a public relations manager...