Thursday, 28 June 2012

Homework for 29/6/2012

Erm, so I just found out that Sa was posting the homework on her new blog here, but I would still be posting just in case you need it before Sa finishes her post.

I would be posting when I am in the info hub, in which I almost will be in every school day. I use the 'schedule' function so I would be posting at exactly 2 PM, except if for unexpected events.

As I said, I will not be responsible for any "No homework done" or "Too many homework done". If I missed out on any homework, please comment below and I will edit them in. Thank you!

And yes, I feel like using this font :D


  • N/A, but you may want to try out passing the ball.
  • Staple together the pieces of paper that Teacher gave us. Please note that the papers are a bit messed up. DEADLINE: Unknown
  • If you want you can do corrections on the pages that teacher went through today. (page 110-111) DEADLINE: N/A
  • Form 4 groups (depending to the birthday months) and set the roles. Please set REAL roles (not like Encourager, Time Keeper etc etc etc etc etc). DEADLINE: This lesson
  • Download the presentation and look through it from this folder. DEADLINE: This lesson
  • For the blog managers, please create the blog using this format:
      Title - Something relevant
      Address - sst2012-s107irs-<GROUP LETTER> DEADLINE: This lesson
  • According to the presentation, we have to post and answer these questions below
      1. What is research to me?
      1. Why do I think research is important in our studies?
      2. What I want to learn in IRS this Semester…
      3. In your opinion, what are the roles and responsibilities for the Leader, Blog Manager, Schedule Manager and Rublic Relations Manager? Why?
        DEADLINE: Before next lesson

  • In your groups, finish up the annotations based on information sites. DEADLINE: Before next lesson


  • Remember to finish your Google Document about The Elderly Challenge by today.
  • I know this is a bit late, but nonetheless, remember to go and PRINT the paper at break and submit it to Ms Alex when the lesson starts. Or else....


  • Teacher has made a point to NOT to be late (before 10:15AM).
  • Blogspot is down as of 11:00AM, bear with them for a while before you can create the blog.
  • Remember that since wikipedia is normally the one that most people will hit, try to be unique by not going there for the information reports.


  1. For the IRS the numbering for the questions are a bit wrong and the blog could actually create during the IRS lesson. Otherwise its rather fine

  2. Do we answer the questions in comments?