Wednesday, 22 February 2012

Homework for 23/2/12


Do the level test corrections and get your parents to sign on the top right hand corner of the paper. Do your corrections in pencil. For expression errors, rephrase the sentence and write it above the sentence. For spelling errors, write it at the blank space below your composition. Write it ten times. If you want to rewrite the whole composition again, you can do so, but write it in PENCIL not green pen.


Try to finish up your logo. You have to colour the logo. You can do it on GIMP, but you still need to have a hardcopy. Do it on a piece of paper.


HCL homework will be posted on the HCL blog.


Finish up worksheet 3 BY TOMORROW. This is top priority. Acvtivity is second. Finish up the other worksheet by monday.


Do the performance task.


Do pages 2 to 11 in the geography book. Bring a protracter and a piece of string or a squiggly ruler next lesson.

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