Friday, 10 February 2012

Summary of the week's homework.


Prepare for show and tell which is most likely on Monday. 


Finish up you brochure or presentation or the thing that you are doing for this year's open house by Monday. 


Finish up your slides for your group's logo. 


Finish up the question on page 4 of your forces worksheet. 


Add into your contents for factors and multiples: 3. 4-2-12 square roots and cube/ roots of numbers ( worksheet 3) 4. 17-1-12 Diagnostic test 5. 7-2-12 formative assesment
In real numbers content page: 1. 10-2-12 Diagnostic test 2. 10-2-12 addition and subtraction of negative numbers.
Do the diagnostic test for real numbers as homework at home. You can check the internet, ask your parents, or anything except for copying from your friends
Complete the worksheet on real numbers. 
All this is due next tuesday.

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