Sunday, 19 February 2012



Those that have not presented your Show and Tell item, bring it tomorrow. File your English worksheets into your blue English file. Download the Content page from your SST email.


Finish up the last two pages of worksheet 4. Do it with the help of the stimulator.


Finish up the rest of worksheet 2. This is due tomorrow. Do the Activity-Number Family. This is due on Friday. Do the quiz on First log in to your account, then click on homework and you will come to a place where you will see two pending homework, 2012 1 Algebraic Fraction 1 and 2 Real Numbers Quiz 2. Do NOT do 2012 1 Algebraic Fraction 1. Do 2 Real Numbers Quiz 2, since it is the homework that Ms Gwen gave to us. If you have done 1 Real Numbers Quiz 1, then it will appear below under the category, Completed. Oh wait, there is an easier way. Log in, scroll down and you will see the quiz, again, do not do 2012 1 Algebraic Fractions 1, do 2 Real Numbers Quiz 2.


Tomorrow, we will change our seating arrangement, PLEASE give us your attention as we tell you your seats. We need to do it fast in order not to disrupt the lesson.

For Chinese TS/C pupils, finish up the 'fish bone', due most probably next TS/C lesson.

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