Thursday, 23 February 2012


1) For those who haven't passed up the science worksheet on forces to Mr. Chan, pls complete the worksheet and hand it  to Mr Chan during the next lesson.
2) draw the prototype of the car by the next lesson
1) complete the logo on GIMP by the next ADMT lesson
1) complete the remaining worksheets on real numbers which Ms Gwen gave us

(on behalf of claudia)


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    1. Look at the comment (not reply) below your comment, summary 好了~

  2. Summary of Homework for this week:
    English- Level Test essay corrections
    >Do in pencil, not in green pen

    Math- Math worksheet on Laws of Real Numbers
    - Math worksheet with Venn Diagram (Number Family)
    - Worksheet 3 for those who didn't finish or lost their copy
    >Christopher and Metta, complete worksheet 3

    Geography- Read pages 2-11 of Geography Textbook and do the quiz in the Textbook
    - Bring a protractor and a piece of 20cm string or a squiggly ruler on the next lesson

    History- Finish up Page 10 of your e-Journal
    >Ms Tay will check the next lesson

    Science- Finish up your final draft of your performance task vehicle
    >Draw the final draft at the bottom of the Hotspot activity sheet (Double A4 size paper)

    ADMT- Add color and detail to your logo on GIMP
    >Remember Stroke Path, Colour Bucket Fill

    HCL- Complete the activity sheet (活动单) using the newspaper (zbCOMMA) pages 0203
    - More on the HCL blog

    1. But wheres the ICT hwk i cant find it
      What is it

  3. @ Avani: Go to google sites and then go to ICT. Look at the lesson after the itunes thingy. the hw will be listed there :)