Friday, 24 February 2012

Homework for 24/2/12


Those that have not completed Homework 3, you have until Monday to complete it.

Complete the performance task template and submit it to Mr Chan by Monday.

You also have to draw the prototype of your car and hand it up to Mr Chan by Monday.


Complete Activity-Number Family if you have not done so.

Also complete the Real Numbers: Living with constrains by Monday.

If you do not know how to do, then read carefully. You have to look at the number statement on the left and see if it is a commutative addition, commutative multiplication, associate addition, associate multiplication or distributive. Then you circle the letter that is under the column. For example, the first question is 6x9=9x6. It is a commutative multiplication, thus, you circle the letter under it, which is in this case, R. Then in the boxes below, Fill in letter that is represented by one.

If you have not finished Worksheet 3, FINISH IT BY MONDAY! IT IS YOUR LAST CHANCE!!! Unless you want to be publicly humiliated.


Finish up your logo on GIMP by the next ADMT lesson.

Should you have any queries, you can ask Christopher after school.

You still need the hardcopy of your logo, so do not throw the paper that you drew your original logo on away.


Cyber wellness ambassadors, please note that the cyber wellness training and authentic conversation will be on Tuesday, 28/2 at 2.15pm.
It will be held at Learning Oasis 1.

Complete your corrections for the English level test composition.
Get your parents to sign on the top right hand corner of the paper.
Do your corrections in pencil.
For expression errors, rephrase the sentence and write it above the original sentence. For spelling errors, write the word with the correct spelling ten times at the blank space below your compo. If you do not have enough space, then write it on another paper.
If you want to rewrite your composition, it is acceptable, but write it in PENCIL, not in green pen.

For geography, do pages 2-11 in your reading tropical maps book.
You also need to bring a protractor and a string about 20cm or a squiggly ruler the next lesson.

Finish up page 10 (page two of your e-Journal) of your History e-Journal.
Ms Tay will check the next lesson.
Please try to finish as we will be going on to the Tollund Man mystery.
You can read about the Tollund Man in advance if you want to.

If you want to participate in the essay writing competition, type out and submit your composition to Ms Sng by Wednesday as Ms Sng needs to read your composition and give you remarks.

If you want to participate in "My Dream Neighbourhood", then type about your dream neighbourhood and send it to by Monday, 30 April. You have to write no more than 300 words. For more information, go to

There will be network authentication in school from Tuesday onwards. When you go into any website in the morning, you will come to a page where you will have to put in your username and your password. The username and the password is your SST email username and password. If you need more information, it has been posted into the email site.