Wednesday, 29 February 2012

Homework for 1/3/12


Do the summary (table) for summary practice 4 and write out your summary on paper. Write only in one paragraph. For those that have their summary typed in you Mac, write it out on a piece of foolscap paper.  For weekend homework, check the English blog. Hand in the summary practice to Kang Zhi tomorrow before recess. Write your summary on foolscap paper, not scribble on the passage paper like how Joel did... Write it in one paragraph, since it is not an essay.


Do your name card. Try to finish your drawing as we will be doing it on GIMP tomorrow. Try not to make your name card a rectangular shape as it will be very boring and it will not get attention. Design your name card together with your logo. Put in your information, such as your Facebook name, you email, etc. DO NOT put your personal information like your IC, your address, etc.


Homework is to do pages 12 to 14 of your chinese workbook. You may need the use of your textbook, so do not leave them at home. Teacher will go through the homework on Tuesday.


Do worksheet 4 if you have not finished it. Go back and check from your document which are the recurring decimals and the terminating decimals. Do the corrections in homework 1 or 2.


Do the activity questions in worksheet 5 if you have not done so. Tomorrow we will be doing page 12 so do not do page 12.


There is no history homework. But you might want to read up on timelines since we are doing it now.


Read  pages 13, 14, 15 and 16 on your maps book. Try to do page 13, 16 and 17. Accept the Google Maps and put in your address. Ask your parents to sign the geography paper if you want to do so.

Bring your sketchbook for ADMT tomorrow. 

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