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Edited version of the Homewok for the first day of e-Learning

Edited version of the homework for first day of e-Learning.

- Read the articles that are posted in the email domain site and answer the questions that are found on a separate website. 

> The websites for the articles are

# For 'Knowing the risks factors for chronic diseases'

# For 'A healthy food foundation- for Kids and Teens'

# For 'Building a healthy food foundation'

# For 'Recommended dietary allowances'

# For 'Calculation of body mass index'

# For 'How to lose weight the healthy way'

> If you are unable to open the quiz, then log into your email domain and go from there. 



-Do activity one and activity two that are in the email domain, it will need you to download a file, if you are unable to open the file, pull the file out from your downloads and right click. Then click on open with and then click on Archive Utility. It should then come out as a file. 

- For activity one, you will need to go to your downloaded file, open it and click on index.htm, then there will be a website. click on 高级华文中一上 that button and you will come to a page where you will be able to see three pages, which is something like the Microsoft Excel (I can't believe I am saying this). 

>Click on the second button and listen to the story. 

> Then listen to the 'news' and answer the spreadsheet that is posted on the HCL blog. 

> All the answers are found in the video. 

- For activity two you will have to click on the last button and you will come to a page where you will have to put pictures into boxes. 

> After listening to the passage and filling the boxes, you will have to  record your thoughts and feelings with Photobooth and upload it into the HCL blog.

- All above items are due today at 5pm. Over the deadline already... -.-


You are required to complete an assignment:

ASSIGNMENT 1: Assignment Collaborative (Text Analysis DescriptiveEssay)

Objective: To prepare for the training essay.
-Based on the lessons in class, you will recognize the characteristics ofdescriptive essay writing in greater depth (of the senses).
-You are required to refer to the document Deskriptif_E-Learning EssayAnalysis (1HML & 1ml) are included here. 
-You need to identify the characteristics of the sample descriptive essay writing essay provided. Then, make sure you fill in your findings in the space reserved for you. -We are required to use at least 5 words / phrases from sharing in Google Spreadsheets in your writing on Wednesday, March 21 later.
-You can use material that is in GoogleSite notes as a reference when making a partnership with Google Spreadsheets.
-This task should be completed on Monday, March 19 at 10.30 am

-Sharing in Google Spreasheet

Courtesy of google translate...


No indian in our class right?


-You will have to imagine yourself as a group of people who moves in and out of your neighbourhood frequently, thus you will have to create a travelogue to promote your meighbourhood so as to attract more tourists to come to your neighbourhood so that they can learn more about the heartlang of Singapore or inform the future generations about the past and the present of the neighbourhood.

> Your travelogue should have :

# three locations or landmarks that you think is a good place for your targeted audience

* You will have to find out about the past and the present of your landmarks to do a comparison like the physical appearance of the location or landmark.

* To help you to present the information, you will have to take pictures or search for the relevant pictures in the Internet that describes the 3 location or landmarks, interview with residents to talk about the changes that they have observed around the neighbourhood and take videos as part of the illustration.

# A map that shows the location of this neighbourhood in Singapore.

* The map should have your 3 locations or landmarks marked with appropriate pictures tagged to the location markers.

> Create your travelogue on PAGES where you discuss about what you enjoyed the most when you were working on this task, some difficulties that you faced and you will have to describe ONE area where you think you could have done better if you could do it again.

- While working in your groups, remember to practice courtesy, provide on context, remember safety first and be on your best behaviour.

- When you have finished your travelogue, drop it via dropbox to Mr Wolfe.

- For more info, go to your email domain site,



-Do your timeline for your performance task. Do it on

>You will need to add in 5 personal events, 3 local events and 2 regional or international events.
>It wil be used as a self introductory presentation to foreign visitors who will be on an exchange program in SST
>You will be evaluated by the choice of your events, the description of the events and the explanation of their significance.
> The presentation of your timeline should be neat and clear, with appropriate visual representations wherever relevant.
> You will only need at most 10 events in your timeline.
> Refer to the handout given out to you. There is the rubric at the back of the paper and it will provide more information.
> The deadline is on Term 2 Week 4 Friday at 2pm and it weighs 5% of the total score with Geography.
> You will have to submit it by Submit Folder when school reopens.


-Do your science Homework 4 if you have not finished.
> You might need the help of Worksheet 5: Moments for that homework.

- Improve on your science performance task's prototype based on the advice that Mr Chan gave you.
> The above task is due on Term 2 Week 2 Monday.
> You will also have to write a report about your prototype.
> The above task is due on Term 2 Week 2 Friday.


-You have to make a presentation on your family or CCA. 
> You can use Magic Move or South park avatar creator for the homework. 
> You have to export it to Quicktime format. 
> You have to submit it via submit folder when school reopens. 
> The website for the avatar creator is


-You will have to submit your name card when school reopens via the Submit folder. 
> The submitting format is File name: Namecard_Name_S107
If you have more than one file, please label them as
Submit to ADMT Submit folder

> Mr Lim has extended the deadline so that you will hand in quality work.  


-Those that got more 23 or more for your English Level test, you have to type your essay out. 
> You have to type it in pages. 
> Do not print your essay as it is not needed. 
> Ms Sng's email is
> You will have to submit it to her by tomorrow. 


-Those that are selected for the GCP trip will be informed when school reopens. 

- You will have to activate your Ez-link card that was given out to you yesterday. 
> You have to top-up in the MRT station. 
> The minimum amount is $5
> Your primary Ez-link card will expire on 1 April. 
> You have to top-up your card before you use it since there is no money in your card and without money you cannot take bus or MRT. 

- Write your birthday, name and something about you on the paper that Avani gave out. 

-Ask your parents to sign the paper that was given out during assembly on the last day of school (Annex A)


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    No indian in our class right?