Wednesday, 7 March 2012

Homework for 8/3 and the summary of the homework for the holidays.


-Do your timeline for your performance task. Do it on

>You will need to add in 5 personal events, 3 local events and 2 regional or international events.
>It wil be used as a self introductory presentation to foreign visitors who will be on an exchange program in SST
>You will be evaluated by the choice of your events, the description of the events and the explanation of their significance.
> The presentation of your timeline should be neat and clear, with appropriate visual representations wherever relevant.
> You will only need at most 10 events in your timeline.
> Refer to the handout given out to you. There is the rubric at the back of the paper and it will provide more information.
> The deadline is on Term 2 Week 4 Friday at 2pm and it weighs 5% of the total score with Geography.
> You will have to submit it by Submit Folder when school reopens.


-Do your science Homework 4 if you have not finished.
> You might need the help of Worksheet 5: Moments for that homework.

- Improve on your science performance task's prototype based on the advice that Mr Chan gave you.
> The above task is due on Term 2 Week 2 Monday.
> You will also have to write a report about your prototype.
> The above task is due on Term 2 Week 2 Friday.


-Do exercise 2.1 and 2.2 in Maths 1

- Do exercise 2.3 and 2.4 in Maths 2
> The above homework are due on Term 2 Week 2 Monday

-Start your revision on the topics that Ms Gwen taught us in the term.
> Do it during your holidays as the next term will be a hectic term as there will be a lot of things on to do in the term. So, it will be harder to do your revision.
> The topics that we have learnt are Index Numbers, Indices and Real Numbers. We are currently starting on Approximation and Rounding, so you might also want to revise that.
> You might want to visit to do your revision.

Higher Chinese

-Read the zbComma that was given out yesterday and do the questions that 胡老师 will post on the Higher Chinese blog. 
> This is yesterday's homework. If you have not done it, please do it:


(注意:T2W2 回校之后将有Lesson1至Lesson6的词汇测试 Vocabulary quiz,请尽快改正听写并复习)

> And this is the information on the filing of worksheets:
老师将在T2W2 (Tue. Mar.27)检查大家的华文文件夹,请同学们利用recess week好好整理自己的文件夹。谢谢合作!(T1W10 Wed.已检查的同学,请结合老师的评语重新整理

.请将发放的content page 放进文件夹。
.请将 T1WI 到T1W10 分发的所有资料分类整理。

T1WI 到T1W10 材料(Materials)
(1)课文体系介绍(课本目录content page of textbook)
(2)一课词语表(lesson1word list
(3)第二课词语表(lesson2word list)
(4)第三课词语表(lesson3word list)
                  (lesson4+lesson5 word list)

(6)第六课词语表(lesson6 word list)
(4)思维导图示范图(mindnode/mindmap sample--我最要好的朋友)(共1页)
(9)私函写作格式 format of Email writing(共4页)
10)劝导类私函写作 (共6页)
需要放进 F区(NIE 读报教育+逗号活动单) 
(1)新加坡会以体育为乐吗? (逗号活动单) 

> For the homework for the holidays, it will be posted on the higher chinese blog. 
> For more information, go to the Higher Chinese blog. 


-You have to make a presentation on your family or CCA. 
> You can use Magic Move or South park avatar creator for the homework. 
> You have to export it to Quicktime format. 
> You have to submit it via submit folder when school reopens. 
> The website for the avatar creator is


-Upload the best video of you and you partner onto the S&W blog. 
>Watch your friend's video and give comments. 


-You will have to submit your name card when school reopens via the Submit folder. 
> The submitting format is File name: Namecard_Name_S107
If you have more than one file, please label them as
Submit to ADMT Submit folder

> Mr Lim has extended the deadline so that you will hand in quality work.  


-Those that got more 23 or more for your English Level test, you have to type your essay out. 
> You have to type it in pages. 
> Do not print your essay as it is not needed. 
> Ms Sng's email is
> You will have to submit it to her by tomorrow. 


-Those that are selected for the GCP trip will be informed when school reopens. 

- You will have to activate your Ez-link card that was given out to you yesterday. 
> You have to top-up in the MRT station. 
> The minimum amount is $5
> Your primary Ez-link card will expire on 1 April. 
> You have to top-up your card before you use it since there is no money in your card and without money you cannot take bus or MRT. 

- Refer to the paper given out to you for the dental appointment. 

- Write your birthday, name and something about you on the paper that Avani gave out. 

-Ask your parents to sign the paper that was given out during assembly today (Annex A)

- For the class bonding, you have to wear comfortable attire like sports attire as it will be a game of fun and games and you might get sweaty and uncomfortable in your jeans and other fancy clothes. Come in your sports shoes. 
> You will need to bring your wallet, Ez-link card, $10-$25, camera or a phone with camera and your water bottle. 
> You are advised not to wear your S&W attire as people can identify you with the attire and can complain to the school or report it to the police if you misbehave.
> You might want to bring an extra set of clothing as you might get dirty or wet in the games. 
> Whatever you bring with you will be at your own risk. 
> Try not to bring your valuables. 
> Have a good rest as it will be very tiring for you. 

- The letter from Mr Chua is avaliable in the email domain site. 

- Fill in the Travel Declarations form that is in the email domain site. 

- You will have to log in to the email site for your e-Learning task during e-Learning week. 


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