Wednesday, 28 March 2012

Homework for 29/3


- If you have not done your informal letter to your cousins, then you have to do it by tomorrow an put it in Ms Sng's pigeonhole.

>You should have an informal tone, do not be so rash in your tone.
> Check for your spelling, tense, tone, adjetives, etc
> Do use some good adjetives such as vacation, exhilarating, anticipate, eventful and adventurous.
> Do try to use conversation markers, topic shifters and contractors in your letter.

- You will also have to complete the Conversation Markers worksheet and put it into Ms Sng's pigeon hole by tomorrow.
> You are supposed to use the conversation markers that are provided in the worksheet to complete your homework.
> The above homework is also due tomorrow in Ms Sng's pigeon hole.


- The two slides containing the moodboard for the cake and the dimensions of the cake are due tomorrow.

- Be sure to submit your logo, your namecard and te slides to Mr Lim tomorrow.

- For Kang Zhi, you will have to do the two essential questions for packaging on the facebook ADMT group.

- You might want to finish the all the homework above by tomorrow as we will be doing the next step tomorrow.

Higher Chinese

- You will have to go home to do the 单元  you will have to use the newspaper zbComma to help you in your work.

- It would be good if ou can go home and revise all the phrases.


- You will have to do your performance task report and try to improve on your car.

- You will have to do the energy 3.1 activity on keynote. Remember to include your evidence.


- For Geography, you will have to complete your MTT.
> For your map, you will use the magnetic north for your map.

- Sorry for not reminding your all that today was geography since I thought that you guys knew it already.

- You will have to do the Mappings book till page 17.

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