Monday, 5 March 2012

Homework 5/3

Homework 5/3
English- Summary Writing 5
>For those who have not complete it, please complete it by TOMORROW.

Math- Bring Math File tomorrow
>For filing
- Do the AceLearning tasks
>Go to
>Go to your mailbox, click on the mail sent by Ms Loh, click on 'Approximation', then open 'Lesson Brief' and 'Introduction YOG'.

Science- Improve your prototype and start preparing your report which is due on Term 2 Week 2 Friday (30/3)
>Based on Mr Chan's advice

(Tomorrow) Geography- Read pages 13-16 of Geography Maps Textbook
>Attempt pages 13, 16 and 17
-Enter your home address in the Google Map and mark it.
>Tuan Jin has sent out the invitation for the map already, check it in the email that you have given to him.
-Bring a protractor, string of 20cm or a flexible curve for tomorrow's lesson


HCL- Bring your HCL File tomorrow
>File in worksheets and notes
>胡老师 will be checking tomorrow
- Do pages 12-14 of workbook
>Refer to your textbook

-Note that there is spelling most probably on Wednesday. You may want to revise for it.

Scholarship recipients- Assemble at 5.30pm outside music room on Thursday for Celebrations@SST
- You may need to bring an extra set of uniform or return home to prepare
- Wear your court/dress shoes and hair must be neat an tidy
- Remember to smile, say thank you and bow

(Tuesday) Math Olympiad- Be punctual for lesson tomorrow, especially Wong Kang Zhi

S&W- Remember to bring your S&W uniform to change during recess as S&W is last period

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