Sunday, 25 March 2012

Homework for 26 March


There is no homework, but there is some notes for the absentees:

- For letter writing, we will use PACC to guide us through writing the letter.
P stands for purpose, A is for audience C is for context and C id for culture.
> An informal letter is also known as a friendly letter that is sent by hand or by post.
> You write to catch up with someone to tell him/her something. You also write to confide in someone, or to express your innermost feelings and to discuss personal issues.  Your innermost feelings is the most deepest thoughts, most probable sent to someone you are very close to you.

For Science, there are some things that you need to take note of. 

-For the performance task, there are somethings that you will have to take note of.

>This Wednesday will the day when Mr Chan gives you second feedback.
> It will be done at the physics lab
>At the physics lab, you will be given an electronic balance and there will be a track for you to test out your car.
> Next Wednesday will be the day that you have to submit your report. It will also be the day that your car is graded.

- Next Tuesday is Level Test 2, you will be tested on forces, moments and energy.

- The things we are doing this term is:
>This week, we will be doing energy.
> Week 3 we will be summarising energy and kinetic particle theory.
> Week 4 we will be doing element and compound mixture.
> Week 5 and Week 6 is seperation techniques
> Week 7 is your common test
> Week 8 and 9 is atomic structure
> Term 3 Week 1 and 2 we will be doing acid, bares (?) and salt.
> Term 3 week 3 onwards will be health sciences.

The notes for the absentees are:

-Energy comes in many forms like kinetic energy, potential energy, sound energy, electrical energy, thermal energy and light energy.
-Potential and kinetic is also known as mechanical energy. The SI unit for energy is joules. 

- The way to find the kinetic energy in a moving object is 1/2mv(to the power of 2), where m is the mass of the object and v is the speed of the object.

- For Thursday's lesson, you will need a stimulation. You will have to download the stimulation

> The website is


- The group leadres of the various groups, you have to create the form and share it to Ms Choo by the end of today.

- The absentees' groups are:


-For maths, you will have to take note of the level test 2 that will be on the 2nd of April, Tuesday.
> It is on the first period and it will be 1 hour.
> It is worth 40 marks and is, if I am not wrong, 10% of the final marks.
> No calculators are allowed in this examination.
> The topics that are tested are Factors and Multiples, Real Numbers, Approximation and Estimation and Statistics.

-You should have finished all the things on e-learning. If you have not done so, do it by today.

- The homework for all of you is to complete worksheet 1.


  1. The Science level test is on Monday not Tuesday

  2. Yup Maths is on Tuesday and Science is on Monday!

  3. Simulation spell wrong already, become stimulation.

  4. we are also supposed to read the math blog!