Tuesday, 6 March 2012

Homework 6/3

English-Ask your parents to sign the copyright agreement form and pass it to Ms Sng in hardcopy by tomorrow.

-Do exercise 2.1 and 2.2 of the textbook in Mathematics 1 and exercises 2.3 and 2.4 of the textbook in Mathematics 2.
>(Due after E-Learning week)
-Start your revision for the Term 2 Week 3 Level Test now as Term 2 will be packed with tasks.
>Go here for revision:

Higher Chinese
-Do the zbComma exercise posted on the HCL blog.
>Refer to zbComma 第9期
>(Due on Thursday)
-Bring your HCL file tomorrow. Remember to insert dividers, file in all the worksheets/notes given by 胡老师 and do the necessary corrections.

-Complete Homework 4 on Moments. Refer to the Worksheet 5 : Moments.
>(Due tomorrow)
-Improve your prototype and prepare your reports (1 Group & 3 Individual) and submit it in a presentable folder in hardcopy.
>(Due on 30/3, Term 2 Week 2, Friday)

-Design a Keynote presentation on your family/CCA ONLY .
>Optional : Use Magic Move and South Park Avatar Creator to create your avatars.
>Export it as Quicktime format and submit it via the submit folder of ICT.
>(Due in Term 2 Week 2 after E-Learning week)
>Go here for avatar creation:

-Post the best video of you and your partner on the S&W blog (
>Make constructive feedback on your classmates' videos using 'Comment'.
-Bring your SST uniform to change into after recess. Note: S&W is the first period.

-You are required to hand in your sketch book tomorrow.

 Please ensure the following items are in your sketchbook, as it will be assessed.

 1. One point perspective drawing (Cube)
 2. One point perspective drawing ( Classroom)
 3. One point perspective drawing (Corridor)
 4. Test
 5. 3 Personal LOGO designs
 6. Favourite LOGO design (4 formats)
 7. Favourite LOGO design in favourite format
 8. Name card design
     Submission of Name card design
     File name: Namecard_Name_S107
     If you have more than one file, please label them as
     Submit to ADMT Submit folder
     Due: Wednesday (7th March 2012)

-Those selected for GCP will be announced after E-Learnining week.
-Clear your lockers by Thursday.
-Inform your form/subject teachers if you are not a co-author of any of the class/subjects blog as you will need to post your completed tasks on the subject blog during the E-Learning week.

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