Thursday, 29 March 2012

Homework for 30/3 and summary of homework for the week

- You will have to choose the product (measurements) and quantity to be placed in the package.
> You will need dimensions like the length, the width, the height, the radius, etc.
> Design your packaging based on your target audience.
> Try to use a suitable design as you will be using it for your performance task later on.

- You will have to submit your name card, your logo and your task 2 and 3 into the ADMT submit folder.
> Task 2 and task 3 should be in a keynote slide together, not separated.
> All the homework above should all be submitted into the ADMT submit folder by 5pm today.

- You will have to find out the dimensions of the things that you want to put in your packaging.

- After you have finished your design of your packaging, cut it out and paste it into your sketchbook.
> You will have to bring your sketchbook home for the above piece of homework.

- Make sure that your sketchbook have the following:
1. One Point Perspective Drawing: Cube
2. One Point Perspective Drawing: Classroom
3. One Point Perspective Drawing: Corridor
4. One Point Perspective Drawing: Test
5. 3 Personal Logo
6. Favourite Logo in 4 formats
7. Favourite Logo in Favourite Format
8. Name card Design
9. Design/improve design of packaging

 - Try to bring home all your science worksheet as your science level test is on Monday.

- Finish the pages in your energy worksheet using the simulation.
>Post your evidence and explanation on the science blog.
> You will use energy skate park from phet.
> Consider the mass, gravitational field strength and height if it affects the gravitational potential energy.

- Try to finish improving your performance task by this week as it will be hard for you to complete it next week with all the level test.
> You will have to write out your report.
> If you want, you can also modify your car to make it better.

- You can download the things that the pupils in the support class did.
> Both the worksheet and the solutions are found there.


- Since Ms Gwen did not have time to do filing today, you are supposed to put all the worksheets into one separate file and leave it there till further notice.

- Do the worksheet that Ms Gwen gave us yesterday and the worksheet that was given out today. ( More Practice and Worksheet 3a)

- You might want to bring back your maths textbook and your maths file to revise.



- For the level test, it is one hour and it has three parts.
> For more info, see the post that Chris kindly posted below.

- Do the 活动单元 with the help of zbComma

-> 完成第12期报纸的活动单“大声说”topic(话题讨论)教育部将从明年开始对道德品行好的学生进行教育储蓄奖励(Edusave Character Award)
- 2. 请完成课本第53页-55页练习。
3. 复习单词表“第一课-第六课生词表”后面的35个。


- Finish the up till page 17 in your Mappings Book.

- Do your Mini Transfer Task Map
> You can do it on any paper as long as it is an A4 sized paper. No smaller, no bigger.
> You will have to use the magnetic north for your map.


- You will have to fill up the events that you are taking part in in the googleform on the S&W blog.
> Do it by 3 April.

- Remember to wear your uniform for the all the days since there is level test.
> If you need to change to S&W uniform, you bring it to school and change during recess or after school.

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