Thursday, 8 March 2012

Homework 8/3 and Summary of Holiday Homework

-Those who have scored 23 and above upon 30 for Level Test, please type your essay out.
>Do not print it out
>Send it to Ms Sng by email
>Ms Sng's email: 
>Due tomorrow (9 March, Friday)

-Do your performance task (Timeline) with the help of
>You will have to make a timeline about 5 personal events, 3 local events that happened locally and 2 regional/ international events.
>Minimum of 10 events.
>Deadline: Term 2 Week 4, 13 April (Friday) 2pm
>Weighting: 5%
>Refer to the task guidelines given as I may be wrong. 

-Improve on your science performance task prototype based on Mr Chan's advice.
-The above homework is due on term 2 week 2 Monday.
-Do the report of your prototype and hand it in to Mr Chan by Term 2 week 2 (Friday).

-Do exercise 2.1 and 2.2 in Mathematics 1 Exercise Book
-Do exercise 2.3 and 2.4 in Mathematics 2 Exercise Book
>The above two homework is due on the first maths lesson in Term 2 week 1.
-Start your revision for the topics that Ms Gwen had taught us in the past term during the holidays since the next term, Term 2, will be a very hectic and it will be hard for you to do your revision.
>We have learnt Index Number, Indices and Real  Numbers
-Go to for your revision.

-Read the zbComma that was given out today and do the questions that 胡老师 will post in the higher chinese blog.
-Do 练习一 and 练写二
-Do 第六课《琴声中的梦》
-There is vocabulary quiz in Term 2 Week 2, revise 第一课 to 第六课 vocal words 
-胡老师 will be checking our HCL files in Term Week 2 (Tuesday, March 27)
.请将发放的content page 放进文件夹。
.请将 T1WI 到T1W10 分发的所有资料分类整理。
1. Content page
2. Notes and worksheets
3. Dividers
-For more detailed and accurate homework, please visit the HCL Blog.

-Do a presentation on your CCA or family.
>You can use Magic Move and South Park Avatar to create your slides.
>Export it into Quicktime format.
>Submit it via Submit Folder when school reopens.
>The website for the avatar creator is .

-Upload the best video of you and your partner on the S&W blog. 
-The website is
-Watch your classmates' videos and give comments on the blog. 


1. One point perspective drawing (Cube)
2. One point perspective drawing ( Classroom)
3. One point perspective drawing (Corridor)
4. Test
5. 3 Personal LOGO designs
6. Favourite LOGO design (4 formats)
7. Favourite LOGO design in favourite format
8. Name card design

Submission of Name card design 
File name: Namecard_Name_S107
If you have more than one file, please label them as
Submit to ADMT Submit folder.
-Mr Lim has extended the deadline for the homework above to the end of e-Learning week to make sure that you hand in quality work.

-Those selected for the GCP trip will be informed after e-Learning week. (Term 2 week 2)

-Students are required to activate the card at the TransitLink Ticket
Office/Passenger Services Centres at the MRT/Bus Interchanges by
topping up the value for the card before the SSCs can be used for
concessionary travel.
>The minimum top-up value is $5.
>Your Primary School EZ-link is available until 1 April.

-Please refer to your dental forms for information of your dental appointment.

-Please note that tomorrow, 9 March 2012, will be a school holiday.

-Show the letter from Mr Chua (Our Principal) to your parents
>It is about Fee collection for Enrichment and Extension Programmes (2012) - Sec 1
>Ask your parents to sign the form on the second page (Annex A)

Class Bonding:
Date: Next week, Wednesday (14 March)
Attire: Any clothing, preferably sports attire (Eg. Shirt and shorts) and sport shoes
Bring: Wallet, EZ-link, $10-25, Camera/ Camera phone, Water Bottle


  1. This took 1 and a half hours to post...

  2. Claudia for the hiatory the maximum is 10 events...

  3. >I also recommend you not to wear your S&W attire as anyone can get to know we are SST students and if we misbehave we can get reported
    >I recommend you to wear something you are comfortable in! And pls remember to bring a extra pair of clothes as there is a chance of you getting wet or getting dirty.
    >If you want to bring your camera it will be your responsibility.
    >I dont not think there is a need to bring your camera as I will be bringing mine.
    >Do not bring valuables...
    Hope you guys can make it!
    Hope you guys have a good rest as term 2 will be very tiring!

  4. Say I sabo? Just because I post better you want to sabo me~ :P

    1. You say is minimun 10 events is supposed to be like how Kang Zhi said, no more no less than 10 events... :PPPPPPP I got so many tongues... XP