Tuesday, 6 March 2012

Homework for 7/3


-For those that have not submitted your copyright form, you have until tomorrow to do so.
-The homework above is only for those that are participating in the 'Night in a library' competition.
-Do the comprehension passage that was given out today if you have not done so.
-All the homework are due tomorrow.


-Do your performance task on
-You will have to make a timeline about 5 significant things in your life, 3 significant things that happened locally and 2 things that happened internationally.


-Do homework 4 if you have not done so.
-You might want to refer to worksheet 5 for the above homework.
-Improve on your science performance task prototype based on Mr Chan's advice.
-The above homework is due on term 2 week 2 Monday.
-Do the report of your prototype and hand it in to Mr Chan by term 2 week 2 Friday.


-Do exercise 2.1 and 2.2 in maths 1
-Do exercise 2.3 and 2.4 in maths 2
-The above two homework is due on term 2 week 1 first maths lesson.
-Start your revision for the topics that Ms Gwen had taught us in the past term during the holidays since the next term, term 2, will be a veery hectic term and it will be hard for you to do your revision.
-Go to and all your worksheets for your revision.

Higher Chinese

-Read the zbComma that was given out today and do the questions that 胡老师 will post in the higher chinese blog. 
-There will be more info on the Higher Chinese Blog. 


-Do a presentation on your CCA or family. You can use Magic Move and South Park Avatar to create your slides. Export it into quicktime format.
-Submit it via Submit Folder when school reopens. SPAM MR YEO WITH YOUR VIDS, OK!?
-The website for the avatar creator is  .


-Upload the best video of you and your partner on the S&W blog. 
-The website is
-Watch your classmates video and give comments on the blog. 


-You will have to bring your sketchbook tomorrow. 
-You will need to following things in your sketchbook. 

1. One point perspective drawing (Cube)
2. One point perspective drawing ( Classroom)
3. One point perspective drawing (Corridor)
4. Test
5. 3 Personal LOGO designs
6. Favourite LOGO design (4 formats)
7. Favourite LOGO design in favourite format
8. Name card design

Submission of Name card design
File name: Namecard_Name_S107
If you have more than one file, please label them as
Submit to ADMT Submit folder
Due: Wednesday (7th March 2012)
-For those that have problem making your mane card, Mr Lim will extend the deadline to the end of e-Learning week to make sure that you hand in quality work. 

Other Reminders

-Clear your lockers by tomorrow. 
-If you are not a co-author of the various blogs, then ask from the various teachers as you will need to communicate through the blogs. 
-Those selected for the GCP trip will be informed after e-Learning week. 

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