Tuesday, 27 March 2012

Homework for 27/3


- There is apparently no homework for English


- Attempt the Significant Figures worksheet, worksheet 2. 
> If you are unable to do it, then Ms Gwen will go though it on Thursday. 
- You have until tomorrow to complete your e-Learning tasks. 
- You will also have to do Activity 3 found in Worksheet 1.
> Post your finished work onto the maths blog.


- Do your mapping book till page 17 if you have not done so. 
- Group members remember to put your completed work for the Geography Maps into the dropbox. 
- Do the mapping of your direction to location B (Your choice) and write the instructions on paper. Remember that your friends will only be given the pages file that have all your directions and not the map.


- Those that have not handed in Annex A because of the Edusave Money
> The EDUSAVE hotline is 6260 0777. 


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  2. There is a mistake. It is Activity 2 and 3 found in Worksheet 1. Not Activity 3 only