Friday, 6 April 2012

Homework 4/5

Due to incomplete homework post, I have posted this. My apologies if this has incurred your wrath, Claudia.

ADMT- Dear S107,

The class will miss all ADMT lessons this week, due to level test on Thursday and Good Friday. To ensure the package assignment can be completed on time, due in Term 2 week 5, I will need all of you to design the net diagram of your package during the weekends.

A package generally consists of 3 parts, base, sides+joining area and cover+locking mechanism. Please make use of the following instructions to design the net diagram of your package. You are also allowed to research for interesting net diagram for your product in the Internet, but please take note of the dimensions, as the package has to be a "working package" for your product. 

Important Notes:
- The actual size of the net diagram will be bigger than the sketchbook, thus the actual drawing needs to be scaled down proportionally.
- Do design the graphics to be placed on the package that attract the target audience. Include Logo and brand.
-The instructions are used to create a box like package, your design can differ, but you will have to think about ways to create it.

1. Designing the Base of package
The following are required.
- Length, width or radius of product,
- Quantity (2,3 or 4):
- Space between products,
- Space between the product and wall of the package
- Orientation of how the products are placed. Avoid stacking so that the design of the net diagram will be simpler.

2. Designing the walls of the package + joining area
- Height of the wall will be height of the product + 1 or 2cm.
- The joining areas used to join the sides to create the wall of the package can be 1 or 2cm.

3. Cover + locking mechanism
- Usually the cover will be of the same size as the base, however it can differ due to the design of the package.
- Design the locking mechanism. Do research for interesting mechanism, which can be used for your package.

Thank You.

Edwin Lim

Performance Task: Package
>The followings are required to be drawn in the sketchbook,
1. Net diagram of package, with actual dimensions,
2. Net diagram of package, with graphics 
3. 3D diagram of your package
4*. Drawings to showcase how the net diagram is folded to create the package. (Optional)

HCL- 请同学们透过todaysmeet讨论话题:


Math- Performance Task- Data Analysis >Based on the data gathered, you will conduct a comprehensive study to determine whether the supply of taxis in Singapore is able to cater to the demand of the commuters. You may structure your discussion by using the Statistical Process
>You are encouraged to use The Elements of Thoughts below to guide your thinking.

-Presentation in a A3 Poster 
>You will present your findings and recommendations in a A3 Poster. Your poster will include the following:

  • Findings
  • Statistical analysis 
  • Inferences 
  • Conclusions 
  • Recommendations 
>Remember to
  • quote your sources if you make use of other sources of information.
  • include details (names, index number and class) of all the group members on the poster. 
>You will be assessed on the clarity, accuracy, relevance, depth and significance of your study.


  • Use Keynote (or any other equivalent application) to create the poster.
  • Set the size to A3
  • Save your work as a PDF file with the filename: 2012 S1 Statistical Poster Group No. Full Names
    • e.g. 2012 S1 Statistical Poster Group 9 Alvin, Ben, Charles, David
  • Email the PDF file to your teacher.
    • Subject Heading: S1 Statistical Poster Group No. Full Names
    • Deadline: 15 April 2012
- Performance Task- Reflection: Role of Statistics in Real Life 
>Write an individual reflection of about 500 words on the role of statistics in real-life. You may refer to materials used in this topic to illustrate your understanding as well as your insights.
  • You will be assessed by the clarity, depth, relevance and accuracy of your thinking. 
  • You are encouraged to use The Elements of Thoughts below to guide your thinking.
  • Do remember to quote your sources if you make use of other sources of information.
  • Complete your reflection in your personal blog.
  • Share the post by submitting the in the following GoogleForm
Learning Experience 
>Describe briefly how your group worked together on this project. 
  • What were some of the strengths of your group?
  • What were your roles?
  • What are some of the challenges that you faced while doing this project?
  • What are some of the things that you would do differently if you had to do a similar project in future?
Submit your response in the following GoogleForm

Science- Finish Homework 5: Energy
> Refer to Worksheet 6: Energy pages 1-15

- Performance Task Group and Individual reports due on Monday.

History- Dipity Timeline Performance Task due next week, 13 April, Friday.

Geography- Read pages 34, 35 and 36 of Geography Textbook
- Put the degrees for the compass that is on page 13