Thursday, 19 April 2012

Homework for 20/4

- If you are not able to copy all the notes that were flashed on the screen today, it is found on the google site. You can download it.
- Fill in the questions based on the experiment done today.

- For your maths performance task A3 poster...
- your file name should be S107 then your names.
- The format should be in PDF format.
- Do the google spreadsheet in your email domain.
- You should read the assessment rubrics first.
- You must have the answers to te questions in your reflection, and it need not be 500 words.
- If you have typed out your 500 words, transfer it to the google spreadsheet as there will be some overlaps.
- Copy all the questions and put into your pages document and answer all the question then go back to the google spreadsheet and copy and past. But if you want to be sent a copy of your answers then do that.
- Then look at the one you sent then try to improve it.
- Whatever you hand in today will be the final product.
- Add all your detailes and what were all your reactions to your reflections.
- You will have to explain everything in your reflection.
- You will only be graded based on the 5 questions.
- All the above the homework are due 2359h today.

That should be all the homework.


Higher Chinese
- For those that have not submitted your reading of lesson 7 please submit it by today
- Do page 20 of your zbComma

- Do your Elements, Compounds and Mixtures homework by Monday.
- For the corrections in your energy homework, the answers are found in the email domain.

- Do your reflection in your group's google spreadsheet.
- Do your group's idea board by Monday.
- Or else you might be getting Supervised Study.

- Find out what is sustainability
- Google it, dictionary it, search it I don't care.
- You might want to finish your spreadsheet.

- You might want to create a new project in your garageband. :)

And that should be all the reminders


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