Tuesday, 24 April 2012

Homework 24/4 Courtesy of Claudia

- File the worksheet that we did into your English file today.

- Finish up your practice Common test paper.
- Revise for your Common Test

Higher Chinese
- In the letter-writing paper that was given out today (some of you already have it), read page 2 and do pages 3 and 4.
- Do the comprehension that was given out today.
- You also might want to revise the papers with the phrases that was given out today.
- Remember to bring your newspaper tomorrow and make sure page 20 is done.
- All the above homework is due tomorrow.

- You can download the notes and the answers and the quest and its answers from the googlesite today.
- The notes for the Common Test are already up in the googlesite, but the others will most likely be up by today.

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