Sunday, 15 April 2012

Homework for 16/4

- There is no homework for english as we went through our paper today. 

- Write down the answers from the slides into your element compounds worksheet. 
- The slides can be found in the email domain. 
- Do homework 2 that was given out today. 
- You will be able to do most of the questions based on the notes that was written in your worksheet. 
- The due date for the above homework is due next monday.

- Do your reflection on the whole thinking and sharing process in your google spreadsheet. 
- Do the poster by next monday's I&E lesson. 

Higher Chinese
- For common test, only lesson 1 to lesson 6 will be tested because of the lack of time to go through the lessons.
- There will be 5 comprehension passage in common test. 
- The answers to level test two are found in the email domain and the link is in the HCL blog. 
- But if you are really lazy, I have decided to be kind and attach the file for you. :) Oh wait I can't. So you will have to download it yourself. XP
- There should be no other homework.
- Go home and do your corrections for your paper. Ask your parents to sign the paper too. 


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