Friday, 13 April 2012

Homework for 13/4 and summary of the week's homework

- Remember to draw out your net design of your packaging.
- It does not have to be to scale.
- Remember to leave out at least 1cm between your packaging wall and the item itself.
- You have to know your item dimensions before you can design and write the dimensions of your packaging.
- Your packaging must be able to hold at least 2 products.
- Make your measurements in a whole number and not in decimals.
- Try not to stack up your products as it will be very complicated.
- You can design the locking mechanism yourself.
- You will have to think of how the walls of your packaging will stick together.
- You will not be able to use glue in the actual thing, but since now we only have 2 weeks to finish it, the teachers have decided to allow the use of glue in our packaging.
- But if you know how to make the walls stick together without glue, feel free to add it to your design.
- You will have to print out your moodboard of your targeted audience before the next lesson. It does not matter if it is colored or not.
- You will have to print out your design before the next lesson and explain the package and the graphic design.

- Do pages 10 and 11 of your Elements, Compounds and Mixtures worksheet.
- The Kinetic Particle Theory homework is due on Monday, make sure that you finish it.

- Do questions 5 to 11 on pages 42 and 43 by the next lesson, which is on Tuesday.

Higher Chinese
- Submit your recording of the 朗读 of 第七课 by 8pm today.

- Do the statistics worksheet that was supposed to be revised but was not because of the overwhelming number of absentees. (I SEE THAT SOME OF YOU DID NOT DO IT. INCLUDING ME... XD)
- You have until next Friday to do your A3 poster and your personal reflection of the maths performance task.

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