Wednesday, 11 April 2012

Homework for 12/4

-Read your friends’  comments about characterizations
-Do the characterization of the characters in the worksheet that was given out today.
>put it as a comment on Ms Sng’s post. 

Things to have for your net diagram
  1. Net diagram with dimensions at least 5cm x 5 cm
  2. Net diagram with graphics
  3. 3d drawing of your package.
Things to have for your base
-Product size (length, width (diameter))
-Space between the products at least 1cm
-Number of products at least 2
-Space between product and wall of package. 
When drawing your diagram...
-remember to scale down your diagram
-remember to make the measurements a whole number. 
-try not stack up your products. 
-remember that height is determined by the height of your product. Remember to add the 1cm space between the packaging. 
-remember to use centimeters
-you can design the locking mechanism yourself. 
-You can look up the internet for your locking mechanism.
-You will have to think of how the wall will stick together. 
-Try not to use locking mechanism with glue as it will be toxic for the food. 
-But if you really have no idea, you can use the glue as you have only 2 weeks.
Higher Chinese
-use photobooth and record down your reading of 第七课, and submit it via submit folder by 8pm tomorrow. 

-Submit the kinetic particle energy homework by next Monday. 

-Do your Mapping and submit it by 2pm tomorrow.
-Do questions 5 to 11 on pages 42 and 43 that Mr Wolfe told you to do today. 

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