Wednesday, 18 April 2012

- Finish up your composition that we did today if you are have not finished it.
- If you go home and do it, remember to spend a maximum of 30min on the composition only.
- Remember to draw a line on where you stopped in class.

- Remember to print out your moodboard about your target audience
- You will also have to print out your product to be put into your packaging.
- More information in the ADMT group.
- The due date for your packaging is TOMORROW.
- Some details for the ADMT packaging are as shown below.
- Remember to draw out your net design of your packaging.
- It does not have to be to scale.
- Remember to leave out at least 1cm between your packaging wall and the item itself.
- You have to know your item dimensions before you can design and write the dimensions of your packaging.
- Your packaging must be able to hold at least 2 products.
- Make your measurements in a whole number and not in decimals.
- Try not to stack up your products as it will be very complicated.
- You can design the locking mechanism yourself.
- You will have to think of how the walls of your packaging will stick together.
- You will not be able to use glue in the actual thing, but since now we only have 2 weeks to finish it, the teachers have decided to allow the use of glue in our packaging.
- But if you know how to make the walls stick together without glue, feel free to add it to your design.
- You will have to print out your moodboard of your targeted audience before the next lesson. It does not matter if it is colored or not.
- You will have to print out your design before the next lesson and explain the package and the graphic design.

Higher Chinese
- For those that have not submitted your reading of lesson 7 please submit it by today
- Do page 20 of your zbComma

- Finish up homework 2 by tomorrow.
- Make sure you finish your A3 poster and print it out, Miss Gwen will not mark soft copy, she will only mark hard copy.

- Do your Elements, Compounds and Mixtures homework by Monday.
- For the corrections in your energy homework, the answers are found in the email domain.


- Do your reflection in your group's google spreadsheet.
- Do your group's idea board by Monday.
- Or else you might be getting Supervised Study.

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