Tuesday, 17 April 2012

Homework for 17/4

- Do the vocabulary worksheet that is part of the listening worksheet by tomorrow.
- You can seek help from your friends and/or the dictionary if you need to.
- Make sure you bring your worksheet tomorrow.

- There should be no homework for maths.

Higher Chinese
- Do the email practice by Thursday 1pm.
- Or else you will get the form for supervised study.
- Make sure that all your work has the checked chop or else you will be going for supervised study.
- Do pages 63 to 65 by the next lesson.
- For those that have not signed or done corrections or simply have not gotten the checked chop on your level test 2, get it ready by tomorrow or else you will have supervised study.

- Find out what is sustainability
- Google it, dictionary it, search it I don't care.
- You might want to finish your spreadsheet.

- You might want to create a new project in your garageband. :)

That should be all the homework :)))

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