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History Stuff

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Section A: 4 time questions (4x1m)
                 2 short-answer questions (2m and 4m (2m give 1 paragraphs and 4m give 4                      
Section B: 2 source-based questions (5mx2)
Total: 20m 
Duration: 45mins 
Topics to revise 
Unit 1 Lesson 5: counting time in History
Unit 1 Lesson 6: source-based questions
Unit 2 Lesson 1: concept of founding
Please read textbook chapter 2 about how Raffles founded Singapore and how he worked with Farquhar. 
Source A tells us that the British founded Singapore in order to break the trade monopoly that the Dutch wanted to establish in the Archipelago and to safeguard British trading interests. This is seen in Source A that the Dutch wanted to “keep [the British] from trading with the islands of the Archipelago” and hence the motivation to found Singapore so that the British can “have a free and uninterrupted trade with the islands of the Archipelago”. 
Source A also tells me that the British founded Singapore because they wanted to limit the Dutch territorial expansion. Source A states that Raffles is “concerned about the activities of the Dutch, who is not satisfied with Java and the Moluccas and have tried to take control of the whole of Borneo and Sumatra”, resulting in British reaction to plant the British flag in Singapore. This implies that the British wanted to limit the territorial expansion of the Dutch by occupying SIngapore. 
Time - its relevance to our study of History ( Unit 1 Lesson 5 E-Journal)
  1. Sequence of events - documentation of the past is done correctly/ accurately (historical evidence/artifacts)
  2. Make the linkages between the past, present and future to see the patterns and make valid predictions. 
Founding as a concept (Unit 2 lesson 1 E-journal)
  1. A founder needs to be just - conflicts will arise if there is a fairness/ justice
  2. Welfare of the state+people 
  3. Set up a formal structure of laws and order
  4. Establish strong networks, politically and economically
  5. Provide a unique identity for the state. 

So all this is the notes that I have taken down during today's History lesson. 

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