Tuesday, 10 April 2012

Homework for 11/4

-Finish up your eJournal page 2 and 3.
-You dipity timeline should be ready by Friday
>To submit your timeline, you will have to enter the web URL in the google spreadsheet that is found in your email domain.
-You might want to watch the movie trailer that is found in the email domain site.

-Revise your level test that was revised today.
-There should be no more homework.

Higher Chinese
-The spelling that was scheduled today was postponed to next wednesday but it will be with 第七课.
-Read 第七课 and record it with photobooth.
>You have to submit it with submit folder by Friday.

-Write out the Show Don't Tell (another example apart from Ms Sng's example)
-That should be all.

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